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Life Stories that beautifully portray the forever moments of Vagabond Information Services clients have received local media attention.

Voices of the Heart.  Peggy's program today was fantastic.  Thank you so much for planning it.  SN, College Club, MO

Thank you so very much.  I will treasure my book for the rest of my life.  You have a unique and beautiful writing style which I deeply appreciate.  It is such a joy to share our masterpiece with family and friends.  BLMH, Ballwin, MO

I think it turned out splendidly--don't you?  MBL, Herndon, VA

I went to the workshop, Many Voices ~ One Story, with my friend just to keep her company.  I fully expected to be bored.  I wasn't.  Peggy made it so exciting and the resources she gave us to add genealogical research to our personal history stories were invaluable.  Participant at the Association of Personal Historians Annual Convention

Dear Peggy, I thank you again for your work of art.  I love how you told my story.  SCO, Ballwin, MO

My mom is THRILLED with her book.   She's already called me twice and I'm pretty sure you were just there a few hours ago.   She said she read it from cover to cover and that you did an amazing job.    From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for bringing her such happiness with the book.   I know she'll treasure it forever and for that we owe you the world.    Many, many thanks.   KMN, Afton, MO

I recently invited Peggy Greenwood to give a presentation on Legacy Letters to a group of retirement coaches. She did a wonderful job of explaining the background of this type of work and gave some examples that were creative and inspirational. In fact one of the participants wanted to hire her on the spot to work with his organization! The handouts that Peggy provided were quite useful in that the coaches could use them with their clients (or even for themselves). Some of the concepts that were most powerful included the idea that this is not about endings but about preserving and most importantly that a story that is not told is lost. There was so much useful information provided that I am positive the coaches would want Peggy to come again soon to expand on this topic.    Joanne Waldman, M.Ed, LPC, PCC, BCC, NCC, NCGC, Master Career Counselor, Director of Training, Retirement Options

 Peggy, Thank you, at times, doesn't seem to say enough, but this THANK YOU is from the bottom of my heart, entailing so much respect for your writing abilities, as well as your kindness, in putting together "MY STORY."  This has been so much fun!  RW from Kirkwood, MO

Peggy is an experienced family history researcher and principal of Vagabond Information Services. Her life experience of listening to people's stories combined with her superior organization, and dictation skills permit her to capture life stories and write family history stories for a wide audience including older adults. The role of storyteller is definitely the best of the best of Peggy's skills. I believe capturing your story with Peggy's guidance is truly a gift from God. May you benefit from her services. Regards, Halette M. Meyer, Ph.D., Butte, MT

I want to thank you for doing such a great job. You're really good at what you do. I'm really blessed to come from such an interesting family, and you've helped me pass along quite an inheritance to my descendants.       Mark from Los Angeles, CA

Peggy,   Words cannot begin to express my gratitude….To say I love it is a giant understatement. It has been placed in a place of honor in our home and it will remain there all the days of my life.      PR, St. Louis, MO

I have been wanting to tell you the Memoir you wrote was really terrific.  I always thought of her as Grandma across the street.  Now I know she was so much more than Grandma.  GL from Kirkwood, MO
Newsmagazine Network, February 8, 2012 
Wonderful article, which I hope is read by many, so that they will know how important a legacy letter is and how beautifully you write them.  DKST, Hillsboro, MO

I read the wonderful story that you wrote for the memorial program. It was beautiful and I hope her many grandchildren will treasure it always. It combined the facts of her life–dates of birth, marriage and death—and the strong character of a special woman. Your ideas for these legacies are better than eulogies.  JBS, ValleyPark, MO 

The relevancy of the information included in Greenwood’s articles on the plight of orphans in the 19th century will not depreciate with time.  It is by far the most comprehensive treatise developed relating to the early history of St. Louis orphanages. Peggy Greenwood's efforts will be utilized by current researchers as well as genealogists for many generations to come. David L., C.G.

The Dead-End Kids of St. Louis by Bonnie Stepenoff, 2010, University of Missouri Press.  Peggy Thomson Greenwood wrote about these issues with great insight in several articles that were published in the St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly in 1991 and 1992, page 141.

I found an interesting article on St. Louis Orphanages and homes for orphaned and indigent children in the 19th century.  Greenwood explains the social-historical circumstances that caused these institutions to proliferate.  It added great value to my family's orphan story.

American Guidebook of Genealogy  
Greenwood, Peggy Thomson. House of Refuge; Beyond the Orphanage 1827–1870 and Beyond the Orphanages, Part 2, 1870–1900. St. Louis Genealogical Quarterlies
Greenwood, Peggy Thomson. “City’s House of Refuge; Orphanages 1827–1870” and “Orphanages (Part 2) 1870–1900.” St. Louis Genealogical Quarterly 24 (1) (Fall 1990).

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