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Committed to excellence and client satisfaction, Vagabond Information Services has more than 25 years of experience providing clients professional assistance with family heritage products, specifically genealogy, family history and personal legacy products. Vagabond Information Services provides professional but reasonably priced products with the support of an experienced and dynamic team.

Peggy Thomson Greenwood, Principal, Writer, Designer is a freelance writer, lecturer and researcher specializing in family and personal history.  Her early career was dedicated to the teaching on the high school and college levels.  Leaving the academic world, Peggy joined a private corporation focused on serving the needs of adults in transition, eventually becoming the manager of training.  For more than 25 years she has also provided assistance to others in the field of family heritage, whether their interest was excavating ancestral roots, recreating family history or leaving a personal legacy. Peggy has assisted more than 200 clients worldwide with family history research, is the author of more than fifteen personal history books, two family histories and over thirty magazine articles.   Peggy holds a bachelor’s degree in History, a master’s degree in Sociology.

Mary Beth Lagerborg, Author and Personal Historian  has loved interviewing people and writing their stories since her first job on Colorado Country Life magazine, traveling the Colorado back roads to interview the oldest flying farmer or the local rodeo queen. She is the author of nine non-fiction books, personal essays, blogs, video curriculum, magazine articles, and has recently written a novel.

Mary Beth served as Director of Media for an international non-profit, helping shape 70 published books and serving as Executive Editor of a bi-monthly magazine.

Currently, as a personal historian Mary Beth writes and custom publishes clients’ memoirs, family stories, or business histories. Visit Mary Beth's website at

Melanie K. Greenwood, Writer is passionate about storytelling in many forms. Her experience includes feature, travel and ghost writing, and editing for bloggers. As a professional business writer, she developed communications for a prestigious placement firm earning professional writing certifications on-the-job.  She currently works developing grant applications for low-income housing communities in five states. Melanie is also the author of popular short-fiction and creative non-fiction stories as the author of two blogs. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature at Columbus State University in southern Georgia and holds certifications in writing tutoring and résumé writing.

Suzanne Murdoch, Writer, combines her experience as a journalist and blogger with a life that has taken her coast to coast and overseas. As a writer for a regional publication in California, she specialized in the personal story, profiling  local residents with compelling life histories. Her successful blog, "Grace to Laugh", blends her own rich experiences with a unique sense of humor and warmth to connect and inspire.

Her professional life has spanned real estate, publishing, manufacturing, the military, and corporate operations as a manager and director. Her passion for writing and editing has been an integral part of each role, including authoring magazine and newspaper articles and editing numerous internal and external publications.

Steve Cranford, Videographer, started a part-time video production business in the mid 1990’s.  His business mission changed after recording a video interview of his 90 year-old grandmother.  Hearing her stories and editing the final video together, with her photographs, gave Steve a new passion in life.  Video biographies became his main focus. 

A few years after his sister passed away from cancer, he worked with his mother to create a book of his sister’s life.  This was his first attempt at a book.  Once it was completed (with the help of APH), he had discovered a second passion – creating and publishing family history and life story books.

Steve studied Film Production at SIU Carbondale, Illinois and received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Webster University.  Today, he has his own storefront business – Pixilated – in the small town of New Melle, Missouri.  Pixilated offers a multitude of preservation services from family photo/story books to video biographies, video production editing and video/film transfers to digital media.  More information can be found on his website –

Jackie Sanderson, Editor, is passionate about clarity, cleanness and correctness in written communications.  Her early career was in the classroom teaching English.  Currently she works as a proofreader and copy editor for professional publications. In addition, Jackie consults with families who want to print their histories and share old photographs.  More than 25 years ago she started researching her genealogy and began writing family stories, her own and for others.  Her goal is to make ancestors interesting and relevant to the younger generations who aren’t interested in old documents or faded census pages. 

Rowena Kennamann Westerhaus, Transcriptionist, built a career transcribing the thoughts, goals, memos, drafts, letters and more of corporate executives into professional communications that carried the reputation of the companies into the general marketplace.  Her reputation for excellence became well known.  Now retired, Rowena brings that well-developed expertise to Vagabond Information Services transcribing interview tapes word-for-word into pdf documents for the writers of Life Stories. 

Carolyn Casey Grimes, Transcriptionist, has an innate love of storytelling, particularly by the senior population.  Currently a volunteer at an assisted living facility, she is an expert in the art of listening.  Cherishing each story heard as a treasure to be preserved, Carolyn is excited to have the opportunity to transcribe stories to be developed into personal memoirs.  Both the storyteller and future generations will cherish the memories created.

Genealogy / Family History
Life Stories
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