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Our stories tell of a personal journey that no one else among the seven billion people on earth can duplicate.  Our memories are the shadows of our past.  Our stories are our breath into the future. (~Paula Stahel)  Vagabond Information Services produces Life Story products that celebrate the uniqueness of each person's story.


A Memoir. 
Biographical essays on the
life of a Catholic nun. 

A collection of life stories gleaned from the
personal history of a suburbanite. 
Biography of a centenarian. 

Read Life Stories as told
by a great -grandmother.

A message of faith and hope written to inspire
the descendants of a spiritual woman

Photo story books.
Remembering Grandpa and other childhood stories.

Party favors, obituaries and more.

Family life from the perspective of the children.

She has tinkled the ivories for eight decades.
Her life story is a poignant symphony. 

A Retelling Publication. 
Editor: Mary Beth Lagerborg
Design by Cynthia Young
Family Tree by Peggy Greenwood

Family history stories, 1640 - 2012

Genealogy / Family History
Life Stories
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